The Risks of Laser Hair Removal: What You Need to Know

Laser hair removal is a popular method for reducing and removing unwanted body hair. It is a safe and effective procedure when performed by a qualified dermatologist, but there are some risks associated with the use of medical-grade laser devices. In this article, we'll discuss the potential side effects of laser hair removal, as well as the differences between professional and at-home treatments. When it comes to laser hair removal, temporary discomfort, redness, and swelling may occur after the procedure.

In some cases, there may also be a risk of skin infection or eye injury. These side effects can be more serious when treatment is performed in sensitive areas or when users overuse the device. It is important to note that neither laser hair removal nor IPL (intense pulsed light) treatments are permanent. However, the results of both treatments can last for months.

The main difference between treating yourself and going to an IGBeauty laser specialist is professional medical guidance that ensures you receive the best possible results and avoid the risks of laser hair removal at home. When it comes to pain, IPL isn't going to make all the hair on your legs (or the bikini line, or anywhere) disappear permanently. But both in-office treatments and many quality home IPL devices are approved by the FDA for permanent hair reduction. Some hair may be resistant to laser treatment or regrow after treatment, although the new hair may be finer and lighter in color. The main benefit of laser hair removal is the removal and reduction of hair growth in the desired body area.

Professional-grade laser and IPL devices also often have built-in cooling systems to reduce the risk of burns and alleviate pain. For comparison, laser hair removal may only require two to six sessions every four to six weeks to see results, according to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD).Of course, you can do whatever you want with your own body hair, but if you're looking for smooth skin with a longer-lasting hair removal method than others you've tried (such as waxing or shaving), IPL hair removal may be what you need. Used improperly, laser devices can cause disfigurement, permanent laser eye damage, and infections.

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