Medical Grade Laser Hair Removal: What You Need to Know

It can be quite perplexing to come across laser treatments at a nearby medical spa, particularly when there are two types of lasers when it comes to laser hair removal. IPL lasers (intense pulsed light) and a laser for medical use (such as the YAG Gentlemax Pro Laser) are the two main varieties. A medical laser is able to penetrate deeper into the skin than an IPL laser, making it the safer and more effective option for permanent hair removal. Medical grade laser hair removal technology is based on the selective dynamics of light and heat.

It is the most reliable permanent hair removal technique available today, with minimal pain and quick results. Advanced diode laser solutions can maximize the business potential of your clinic. Our YAG laser is the safest wavelength for hair reduction, reducing hair by 79% after just three treatments. IPL lasers are very useful for certain skin treatments, such as Lumecca IPL, but they are not ideal for laser hair removal. The diode laser handle cooling system effectively damages the hair follicles and prevents harm to the surrounding skin.

PrettyLaser's PL-118 medical grade laser hair removal machine has been validated in many clinical and clinical studies. IPL lasers utilize a wide spectrum of light wavelengths and tend to cover a larger area than laser treatments. Laser treatments focus on smaller areas and have a very concentrated spectrum of light, allowing it to penetrate deeper into the skin and reduce the risk of damage. Women, and now even men, prefer to opt for some dependable hair removal machines that are efficient and economical. The diode laser handle cooling system is perfectly adapted to the laser equipment, protecting the laser bar and increasing its continuous working period to 24 hours of continuous work. Depending on the part of the body and your pain tolerance, you can adjust the treatment parameters with the laser hair removal machine. Now that you understand the positive and negative aspects of IPL lasers compared to medical lasers, you can decide where you want to get your laser hair removal done.

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